Chisel away and unearth your Cuckoocaster.

Set it free from its Stratocaster shell.

"There is a Cuckoocaster in every Stratocaster", I told myself at a time I wanted to play my beloved Stagg Strat Copy live -- but really, really never liked the Strat shape... So I cut off what I didn't need... Or thought I didn't.

Below you can download various stencils to cut your personal Stratocaster copy into pieces and turn it into your personal, unique and beloved Cuckoocaster.

Freshly hatched in 2007

The two existing Cuckoocasters spotted in the studio of ausland-berlin

The world's first Cuckoocasters side by side in the studio of ausland in Berlin, recording in 2007 for ACO's album 'Das Summen der Teile'. Both equipped with single coils, the yellow one with the cheap hardware of the China-import, the beige one with two P-90 copies from the 80s.

DIY Hacks

I will be adding here what I learned along the road of trails and fails. In the words of Kurt Vonnegut: live and learn.

10 May 2023

DIY Guide: Placing Cuckoocaster Logo Decals on a Guitar Headstock

My Step-by-Step Tutorial for Cuckoocaster makers and other guitar modders.

10 May 2023

DIY Hack: Nut Repair with Superglue and Baking Soda

Mixing superglue and baking soda creates a hard chemical compound which works well for fixing stuff on your guitar.

24 May 2023

DIY Guide: Create Routing Templates

Routing beats the jigsaw in quality, but you need templates.

Original Cuckoocaster Stencils

Start jigging that jigsaw, here you can download PDFs from existing designs or make your own.

These designs are original Cuckoocaster designs. The number will grow over time. All genuine Cuckoocaster designs feature an UPPERCASE name. Below the image galleries you'll find the download links. The PDFs have the actual size of a Strat body, allowing you to print them on multiple pages and transfer the outline to your guitar.