Beyond the Stratosphere!

Join me and others in a two day 'Cuckoocaster Makers Frenzy' workshop 14-15 Nov in KINDL Berlin.

First things first: I am using crazy cool words to make this sound fun. Which it is. But I put health and safety first: professional tools, my supervision and assistance, and no alcohol, recreational or other drugs during workshop hours!

This workshop will elevate you to another level of guitar playing. You’ll come back to life with a unique Cuckoocaster in your gig bag,

  • more valuable than money can buy,
  • bigger than the biggest Pokemon,
  • charged with energy only true love can generate.

What happens in the workshop?

I have snooped around Berlin and bought up a number of Stratocaster copies to work with. During the workshop we will…

  • Pick a shape for your Cuckoocaster
  • Take the Strat copy apart
  • Cut the body to fit your design
  • Put the guitar back together
  • Put new strings on and you’re done!

Cost: €100 per participant for everything, including the guitar, of course

Build your own!

The love you put into your instrument will directly benefit your skills and commitment. There are two essential ways of such love: building and playing your instrument.

We build together, you’ll play forever.

Next workshop: 14-15 November 2023 the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin Neukölln.

Contact me, if you are interested: