Beyond the Stratosphere!

Join me and others in a two day 'Cuckoocaster Makers Frenzy' workshop 14-15 Nov in KINDL Berlin.

First things first: I am using crazy cool words to make this sound fun. Which it is. But I put health and safety first: professional tools, my supervision and assistance, and no alcohol, recreational or other drugs during workshop hours!

This workshop will elevate you to another level of guitar playing. Why? Simply, because you’ll love your instrument that little bit more!

  • more valuable than money can buy,
  • bigger than the biggest Pokemon,
  • charged with energy only true love can generate.

Build your own!

The love you put into your instrument will directly benefit your skills and commitment.

We build together, you’ll play forever.

Next Workshop: 14-15 November 2023 the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin Neukölln.

I have snooped around Berlin and bought up a number of Stratocaster copies to work with. During the workshop we will…

  • Pick a shape for your Cuckoocaster
  • Take the Strat copy apart
  • Cut the body to fit your design
  • Put the guitar back together
  • Put new strings on and you’re done!

I will bring a few Cuckoocaster designs for inspiration. Pick one or draw up your own design. If you want to pick one, let me know which one in advance, so I can print out the stencils. If you want to come up with your own design, we can work on that when the workshop starts.

If you want to have extra pickups wired, we can do that. If I find the time, I would want to finish my TWISTED design Cuckoocaster with a two mini-humbucker set, a four position switch and two push pull knobs to toggle single coil and humbucker in each. But your wishes have precedence. However, you need to bring your own pickups and hardware. The guitars I provide all have the three single coil Strat wiring, so you will walk away with a working guitar.

During the two day workshop, we have four hours each day.

DAY ONE, Tuesday 14. Nov, 2pm to 6pm we will …

  • take the guitar apart
  • prepare the stencil for day two
  • start routing the shapes if possible

DAY TWO, Wednesday 15. Nov, 2pm to 6pm we will…

  • finish the routing
  • make changes to the wiring and pickups, if you want
  • put the beast back together again

If you want, on Saturday during the gig, you can join with your very own Cuckoocaster.


The costs are €100 if you don’t bring your own guitar. You can keep the one, of course, that I will bring for you to work with. That’s included in the price.

If you bring your own, I would still want to charge €40 or the time. materials and tools.

Contact me, if you are interested: