A special twist beyond the TWISTED body

The pickups and wiring add to versatility.

The pickups come from a 1980s Hohner “Rockwood” Strat copy. With a resistance of around 7.8k they have enough rounds of copper for a solid output signal. But furthermore: they have a metal baseplate which adds lower mid frequency punch.

About TWISTED design

Twisted thoughts .

The TWISTED design inspiration came from a walk around the block. The window of “Orientmusikhaus” featured a custom Elektro Baglama Saz which took inspiration from a strat-like design and then ran with it. The image stuck with me and I took the inspiration and ran all the way back – and a bit further.

Identify your Cuckoocaster

The unique fingerprint of this instrument

Beneath the neck plate of every of my Cuckoocaster builds, you can find a 25mm round fingerprint, showing the unique structure of the wood of the instrument. If it matches the image shown here, congratulations: you got yourself this exact original Cuckoocaster!